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Our Ideal Client


Our ideal client seeks a long-term personal financial planning and asset management relationship. They are ready to take control over their financial lives and recognize the need to delegate certain aspects of their life, so that they can focus on the things in life that they enjoy.


Our Ideal Clients:  recognize that they are not experts in all areas of finance and find value in having a strong team to work with them in creating, managing, and monitoring their financial plan and investment management process.   They are willing to delegate and desire to have a personal relationship with their advisors and appreciate and respect the trust that comes with a transparent relationship.


Our Ideal Clients: usually created their own wealth.   They understand the importance of discipline and hard work.  In pre-retirement, they consistently spend less than they earn, save more than they need, and strive for overall balance in their lives.


Our Ideal Clients: desire to be engaged with their advisory team and recognizes that open and frequent communication is the key to ensuring the advisory team knows and understands their specific needs, goals, and concerns.

Our Ideal Clients: expect to be updated about matters that could derail their financial plan. They are not looking for an advisor who tells them what they want to hear so that they can make a sale.   They desire an advisor whose interests are aligned with theirs.


Our Ideal Clients: value relationships and expertise.   They are not interested in wasting their time and energy chasing the “best deal” or the “hot new tip”.  They understand and appreciate the benefits of patience and consistency. They recognize that true wealth requires realistic financial goals coupled with clear and open communication.


Our Ideal Clients: seek more than just “the numbers” in a plan or portfolio. They value a holistic approach and often seek counsel on careers, major purchases, or expenses, raising financially responsible children, dealing with unexpected health events, changes in tax laws, and issues of death and estate planning.


Our Ideal Clients: value transparency and a fiduciary standard of care. They recognize that a fair fee is one that is willingly paid and accepted with neither party losing gratitude. They also recognize that as a trusted fiduciary we hold their interests above our own.  To us, the fiduciary standard is more than just a standard; it transcends everything that we do for you.